Frequently Asked Questions - Online Seller Program

Online Seller Program - Frequently Asked Questions


What is Dollar Fanatic?

Dollar Fanatic LLC aka is something like the combination of a Traditional Dollar Store, an Outlet Store, and a Wholesale Liquidator. We're mostly known for owning and operating America's first Exclusively Online Dollar Store website at, and we also offer an Online Seller Program exclusively for Amazon FBA Sellers.




Why did Dollar Fanatic create an Online Seller Program?

Because we're in the Dollar Store business we purchased inventory in bulk in order to be able to offer products starting at only $1.00. Unfortunately over time we had to purchase Pallets and Truckloads of products in order to get the products we needed. Most of the time the Pallets or Truckloads would include large quantities, more expensive and niche products that we had to take as part of the load. Our original goal was to only take what we needed from the load, which were the Dollar Store type products for ourselves and sell the rest of the load for what we had invested into it. However that became more complicated over time with all of the Third-Party Marketplace rules and the economy slowing down. Originally we had someone that would take everything we had left and sold it on sites like eBay and Amazon but that person retired. So after attempting several avenues we decided to launch a small Online Seller Program, which eventually grew because of the way Amazon FBA changed. No longer could one person list whatever they wanted, accounts changed and restrictions were implemented. Also something called Long Term Storage was created, so no longer was it worth while to send in a large quantity of a product.




Do you have to register to order from

We give you the option to register or check out as a guest.



Do you offer Free Shipping?

In theory the answer is yes, but not in fact. The reason we say that is because when you order an Online Seller Program package from us we prep, pack, label, and deliver the packages to the Shipping company which delivers them to your Amazon FBA Account. Through Amazon you pay a heavily reduced shipping rate for all shipments to your Amazon FBA Account. Even though it is heavily reduced compared to regular shipments, you still pay for it through Amazon.



Why did you reduce the price of the Online Seller Program from $6000 - $10000 minimum to $600 - $1800 minimum?

This is a complicated answer, but we will try in 3 parts.

First because of changes or enforcement by Banks and Payment Processors. In fact, any purchase made online that is not being shipped directly to the buyer's confirmed address reduces merchants protection against fraud, etc. In the past most companies would ignore that and just ship wherever the customer wanted the product shipped as long as the address was valid. As fraud grew, the Credit/Debit Card Processors and PayPal Payments decided that was no longer going to be accepted, unless the company wanted to take on full risk. Basically because we were shipping to Amazon and not the buyer even though the packages are tracked and signed by Amazon we were not covered, and eventually we took some major losses, which prompted us to sell smaller packages and require secure payment methods.

Second because of changes in the way Amazon FBA works. Amazon FBA not only started Long Term Storage they eventually added additional penalties for inventory sitting in their warehouses for any extended period of time, whether the item was selling or not. We absolutely didn't agree with this new Amazon FBA change; however, we couldn't do anything about it, so we had to make changes to help protect our customers. When our minimum order was higher, we would send in larger quantities of each product, but with newer Amazon FBA changes, it is not smart or profitable to send a large quantity of anything to Amazon FBA. For example it was a normal practice to send in master cases or pallets with 100's of one product to Amazon FBA. Now in most cases we usually send between 3 and 24 of one product at a time to Amazon FBA. Of course this is a lot more work for us, but once again we don't really have control over it, and we want to try to protect our customers against major losses that cut into profits.

Third because we knew the combination of not being able to pay by Credit/Debit Card or PayPal, and more Amazon FBA restrictions we would lose or upset some customers. We decided to be more proactive and make it easier to try out our service with a smaller investment. In the good old days when Amazon FBA started, it was much cheaper and it was absolutely easy for almost everyone to make a quick profit. Nowadays it's absolutely not the way, it's much harder and requires a lot more work to make it work. So everyone is not made to be an Amazon FBA seller. If you don't have the patience or you like to control everything, in our opinion, you should look elsewhere.



Do you charge a percentage of our Amazon FBA sales?

NO. When you pick an Online Seller Program package we're charging you 30% of what we are listing it on Amazon FBA for. For example if we list an item for $20 that means your cost from us was $6. We don't charge any additional fees, and we don't have the ability to charge additional fees on products sent to your Amazon FBA after your purchase even if we wanted to. Once you purchase the products they are yours, you already paid for them. 



Is the Online Seller Program offered outside of the United States?

YES. We're a USA-based company; however, the way Amazon FBA works it really doesn't matter that much where you are located. If Amazon lets you sell, then most likely you can use our Online Seller Program. Just make sure you have the selling in the USA option active. We ship the products to your Amazon FBA account in the USA; and they are sold in the USA and other places around the world; however, they will be in storage in the USA not in your Country. 



What payments methods do you accept?

As stated in our Online Seller Program Payment Policy, we can no longer accept Credit/Debit Cards or PayPal payments because we ship directly to Amazon not directly to you the buyer. We now only accept money transfers through Western Union or MoneyGram. I know this might seem a little scary because you hear so much about the scammers, right? Now lets be real, scammers are not companies that use a real Website, Address, Phone, Name, Email, etc. We have a real company Website and Email address that you communicate with, not a gmail, etc., account. In fact the reason why we had to change policy is because we were the victims of scams, which is usually the case, most scammers target companies selling expensive items. Most of the general public scams are by email phishing, social media links, and restaurant/gas station credit/debit card farming. IMPORTANT: If you're afraid to do business with us, we respect that and still wish you the best.



Why don't you accept Returns/Refunds?
Keep in mind we've reduced our Online Seller Program from a minimum $6000 upfront cost, to a minimum $600 upfront cost. Our Online Seller Program requires lots of upfront work, especially with newer Amazon FBA Sellers. This work can't be undone, and is required in order for us to give our customers the best potential for long term success using Amazon FBA. We actually don't care anything for the services we require, our Online Seller Program members are only paying for the inventory included in our packages at 30% of what we list the products on Amazon FBA. Our goal is to create a long term customer to recover our additional cost, because if you become a long term customer restocking orders will become much easier to fulfill. We do offer a small exchange bonus with our Gold Package. Lastly we feel this actually works in your favor, because we MUST HAVE Mostly Happy Customers to survive as a feasible business service.