Payment Policy for Online Seller Program

This payment policy applies EXCLUSIVELY for our Online Seller Program customers.

Domestic Payments (United States of America)

Because we don't ship directly to a customers Residential or Commercial address, we're no longer allowed to accept Credit Card, Debit Card, or PayPal payments for our Online Seller Program. Basically as you may or may not know we're required to ship to a verified Residential or Commercial address when accepting Online Payments, which we basically ignored because we provided Tracking information to Payment Processors. However at this time it's no longer considered acceptable to not follow the Payment Processors requirements. Of course we're not going to start shipping Online Seller Program orders directly to the Customer instead of shipping directly to Amazon Fulfillment Centers.

Due to this issue we're currently accepting Business Checks, Money Orders, and Bank Checks by Mail, MoneyGram transfers either online or at a Walmart location, and Western Union transfers either online or at a Western Union location. As far as Mail Payments please make sure you use a Signature Required mail method for safety and your own comfort. Also please note there maybe an extra delay in processing Check payments. As far as MoneyGram transfers and Western Union transfers, the least expensive options is usually at a location or a Bank Transfer online. Also note in most cases it's cheaper and faster to actually send us a MoneyGram, or Western Union transfer at a location than to use Express Mail to send us a Money Order.

We're sorry if this causes any inconvenience or discomfort; however, we are where we are and after some pain and suffering for not following Payment Processor policies, we've made this change for the better.

Food for thought; This is also part of the reason we changed the Online Seller Program from an initial minimum $6000 inventory investment to as low as a minimum $600 inventory investment.


International Payments (Outside the United States of America)

International payments must be made in US Funds. All other policies are the same as Domestic Payments.


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